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Night Optics USA D-750 Night Vision Scope
Night Optics USA D-750 Night Vision Scope. It's
a handselect Gen 3 tube with absolutely perfect
quality. And brother, I mean perfect!!!

The scope is a fixed 4x optic with a focus knob,
as well as finger adjustable turrets for windage
and elevation. It also comes with a $200 IR
illuminator. Amber crosshairs. The picture above
is of an intersection about 200 meters away, and
you could read the sign, just my iPhone couldn't
take the best picture.

This is a $6,000 optic if you get it from Night
Optics USA themselves.


I need at least $3,000 cash, but I can do possible
firearm trades on the rest. I like preban guns and
I want a mini thermal monocular.
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